Friday, December 23, 2011

Family Members Reunited!

On Thursday, Jimy's wife (Marlene, 18) and their 7-month old son (Alexis) arrived from Guatemala along with the family members other u-visa recipients. Jimy and the husband of one of the other new arrivals met their family members at the Chicago airport at 2am, thanks to Michael Blevins, director of the NE Iowa Peace & Justice Center in Decorah, who drove through the night to allow this reunion to happen. All made it home safely and were happy to be reunited with their families. See below for a picture of Jimy, Marlene, and Alexis.

More happy news today is that we have now found a house for Jimy and his family! The six of them (the three shown above, plus Jimy's mom, sister, and one brother; his dad and youngest brother are still in Guatemala... for now) will move into their new home in Waterloo on January 2. This site will be updated over the next few days with more information about what kind of help may be needed in the move, and to help the family get settled into their new home. Also stay tuned for future posts from Jimy and his family.

Jimy and family are very grateful for the help they have received so far, and anticipate a very happy holiday week! Thank you all and we hope you have a blessed and happy holiday season as well!!!

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