Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Moving Day was a Success!

The Gomez family moved into their new home on Monday, January 2 as scheduled.
Huge thanks to Roger and Cindy (not shown) for their help and their van, to Erin for her help and her sandwiches, and to all of the people who donated furniture, clothes, other items for the home, and money. Although the family has moved, they are still in need of lots of help, including money for FOOD and rides around town. Because of their u-visa status, they are not eligible for food stamps! Also, an enormous THANK YOU to the NE IA Peace & Justice Center in Decorah (see link above) for paying the first month's rent and deposit on the house.

If you would like to meet the family and help them out, please see our wish list (link above) and e-mail me at 

Rubi cleans up to make
room for more stuff.
Heather and Erin
lend a hand moving
Armando opens a new

Jimy, Armando and Esperanza
put their new couch in place

Jimy, Marlene & Alexis's
room starts to take shape.

Sooooo many bags of clothes to sort through.
Thank you all for your donations!

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